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Rabu, 16 Oktober 2013

FW #2: Delpozo

All eyes were on the show of

 Delpozo is a fashion company founded by the Spanish designer Jesús del Pozo. After the passing of it's founder in August 2011, the company named Josep Font as the new creative director in 2012.
His aim was to turn Delpozo into an international luxury brand. With only three collections under his belt Font is doing quite well. 

For this collection he was inspired by two themes. The first one is the painting  La Zingara by Corot. His second inspiration were the windows of gothic cathedrals."Seperately they seem very opposite, but when they came together they created a very inspiring image that influenced the whole collection."  

I'm very delighted with the creative and innovative designs. They're made with such precision.
The Balenciaga-esque shapes were oustanding. I love how Font plays with these unexpected volumes. He showed respect for the heritage of Delpozo, but made sure it looked thoroughly modern. For an ultra feminine touch there were traditional craftwork details like lace, embroideries and floral appliqués
The collection consisted of volumious skirts, off-the-shoulder tops, ballgowns, pallazzo pants and flower dresses. All in a color palette of lavender, green, pink and beige.

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