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Kamis, 04 Juli 2013


I already told you about Viktor & Rolf's couture comeback and yesterday was the moment of truth.
The show was set in a Japanese garden with painted raked sand and foam rocks. Viktor & Rolf walked out, sat down back-to-back, closed their eyes and proceeded to meditate for five minutes. 'We've been running around for so long, we thought, let's enjoy where we are. Our current state of mind is mindfulness.' Then the models entered the catwalk in rigid voluminous black robes.'We like black because it allows more focus on the shapes.' An all-black collection that played on volume and movement. All twenty models, one for each year of their anniversary, wore the same fabric, a spongy technical silk, and flat rope sandals.

'No beginning and no end. We want it to look as if it’s grown,' Viktor Horsting said. They emphasized that by changing the models into rocks when they made their cirquit. 

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